Detoxify Your Body with Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage is a kind of gentle massage that encourages the movement of the lymph fluids around the body. It not only proves an asset in terms of relieving symptoms of lymphedema but can also be beneficial in people with edema, fibromyalgia, lipedema, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

By opting for detox lymphatic massage, you can experience a reduction in swelling levels and enhanced relaxation, and your immune system functions better.  

Before discovering the detoxification of your body with lymphatic drainage massage, let’s find out the way to perform it. 

How to do brazilian lymphatic drainage massage?

Detox lymphatic massage is performed by a certified lymphedema therapist. You must go to them if you are diagnosed with lymphedema. There are typically two main phases of lymphatic massage, namely clearing and reabsorption. Clearing includes moving lymph through your tissues, while reabsorption includes moving lymph to the lymph nodes. 

Now, How do you do a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

  • Lie down on your back. Start a deep breathing exercise. 
  • The trained therapist of lymphatic system detox slowly run their hands on your skin to stretch the surface toward the lymph nodes. Various stretching techniques for the same include strokes, cupping motions, and rhythmic pressure. 
  • After doing it for a while and passing over the skin, the professional therapist takes a break and lets the skin of the massage receiver return to its original shape. 

The process is repeated for different areas of the body and gives you relief from the lymph blockage. 

Lymphatic drainage massage comes under decongestive therapy, which also includes the treatment of skin conditions that occur due to swelling and performing exercises for promoting drainage. 

Detoxifying your body with brazilian lymphatic drainage massage

The supreme benefit of brazilian lymphatic massage, in addition to detoxifying, is saying goodbye to swelling caused by lymphedema. Its role extends beyond that. Let’s see how to cleanse the lymphatic system with detox lymphatic massage. 

Reduce lymphedema swelling

Lymphedema is a common condition in individuals who are undergoing breast cancer treatments. The reason is, it damages or removes the lymph nodes. While there are very rare chances that someone is born with lymphatic system dysfunction. It has been found by several researchers that massage is the most effective technique of all when it comes to other CDT (Complete decongestive therapies). Thus, it is not wrong to say that detox lymphatic massage helps reduce lymphedema swelling. 

Improves blood flow

If someone is suffering from chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), they can experience relief from this massage in the form of improved blood flow. CVI is the condition where your leg veins become damaged and don’t work the way they should. Your leg veins face difficulty in keeping the blood flow back up to your heart. This causes the blood to pool in your legs. Lymphatic drainage massage assists you in reducing the lipedema-related fat and enhances the blood flow to the surrounding tissues. 

Now, what is lipedema? It is a long-term condition causing irregular fat build-up in the lower part of the body involving your claves, butt and thighs. Females are more likely to develop this condition as compared to males. Lymphatic drainage massage is said to improve the blood flow in CVI-related swelling and lipedema. 

Relieves stiffness

Although there is not much research on this aspect, lymphatic drainage detox massage may play a transforming hand in relieving stiffness or swelling or aiding conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It has been seen that people associated with the condition of rheumatoid arthritis lack a properly functioning lymphatic system. This is why lymphatic drainage massage can help keep the symptoms of RA at bay. 

What’s more? This massage can actually prove fruitful in dealing with fibromyalgia. It is a condition that causes widespread musculoskeletal pain besides fatigue, sleep, and memory issues. 

Reduce cellulite

Who doesn’t want to improve their muscle tone? If you are the one who wants the same plus reduced cellulite, detox lymphatic massage can be your go-to solution. Cellulite is a harmless skin condition that leads to lumpy and dimpled flesh on the hips, thighs, and abdomen. Sometimes, it can also occur on the breasts, upper arms, and lower abdomen. So, get ready to include the therapeutic sessions of drainage massage and let cellulite levels reduce to a large extent. 

To make a long story short

There is no denying the fact that brazilian lymphatic drainage massage is a powerful technique offering various health benefits. It gives a kick to the detoxification of your body, helps you feel better, and leads a healthy life. Whether you want to improve a specific health condition or level up your self-care routine, you can try the brazilian lymphatic drainage massage. It’s time to welcome the transformative effects of this remarkable technique.