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My Journey Becoming a Well-Being Massage Therapist Where passion meets professionalism

About me

It’s late afternoon in Thailand, and I’m lying on a paradise-like beach that could easily be on a postcard. As the warm breeze washes over my body and the sound of waves lull my mind, I’m ready to let go. My thoughts pass by like clouds during meditation while my body surrenders. I feel fully connected to both myself and the masseuse who is about to change my life forever. During the massage, my senses and physical being are stimulated in ways I’d never experienced before. With complete consciousness and trust, my body accepts deep pressures, kneading, gentle strokes, and stretches.

Transformed, I stand up from this life-changing experience feeling a sense of “well-being” or rather, an improved state of being that would serve as the key to my new life. It was a discovery that set everything in motion.

And so began my desire and need to understand and offer others the feeling of such well-being. I was in the right place at the right time to begin my journey of becoming a massage therapist.

From Thailand to France to Nepal and Brazil, I received training in some of the best massage schools with renowned masters. I wanted a comprehensive education, to learn everything that I could. In these few lines, I’ll share my journey of training that has allowed me to rightfully claim the title of “Well-being Massage Therapist”.

Massage therapy training in Thailand, Nepal, France and Brazil

The time I spent in Bangkok, Paris, Chiang Mai, Katmandu and Sao Paulo, not only allowed me to learn various massage techniques, but also a philosophy related to the energy flow within our bodies. This helped me understand that massage was not only about technique but also needed to be perceived holistically.

Thai Massage and Oil Massage

I began my training at the famous Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, home to the Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School. Regarded as the best massage school in Thailand, it was the first to receive government recognition for teaching the ancient art of Thai massage. Thai massage, like traditional medicine, is closely linked to temples as monks were the first to practice it.

I completed two courses at this school: one in traditional Thai massage and another in oil massage and aromatherapy. The latter taught me that the Thai people have used herbs and perfumes in traditional healing since ancient times. Their oil massage technique offers a perfect relaxation experience, while the energy flow work on the body reveals a different massage experience.

Chi Nei Tsang Massage

My training continued in Chiang Mai with Master Khun Ni. This gifted massage therapist and healer began massaging at the age of 15. Her exceptional skills allowed her to work with the best Masters, and to become a Master herself, teaching numerous other masseurs. At her clinic, I learned the Thai abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang, which involves not only the abdomen but also the manipulation of internal organs.

By using acupressure, massage techniques on the abdomen and thoracic area, Chi Nei Tsang can treat a wide variety of health problems. This holistic approach to traditional bodywork aims to promote both physical and emotional well-being, often intimately connected.

Hot Stone Massage

I learned the art of hot stone massage in Chiang Mai at ONG’s Thai Massage School. This technique involves sliding heated volcanic stones over an oiled body. The movements must be delicate to provide the benefits of extreme relaxation, which was used as early as 200 BC in ancient China and the Far East.

Swedish Massage

At the Chiva Som Academy in Bangkok, I was trained in Swedish Massage. This renowned school is a department of Chiva-Som International Health Resorts Co., Ltd., known for its exceptional quality training focused on spa, holistic therapies, and aesthetics.

Putting my Acquired Skills into Practice

I worked as a massage therapist for four months at the Palayana Hotel spa in Hua Hin. It’s a resort that offers services to Thai clients of all ages, in order for them to maintain an active body and feel good.

Entrusted with this knowledgeable clientele, made it an ideal opportunity to perfect and hone my training in Thailand.

Healing through Sound: Tibetan Bowl Massage

My quest for perfection in terms of well-being led me to Nepal and specifically to Kathmandu, at the Kathmandu Center of Healing. Master Shree is accustomed to saying, “I make this sound to bring peace to the whole world”.  As a third-generation healer and teacher of Tibetan singing bowls, he knows the secrets of traditional sound healing therapy, particularly the art of singing bowl massage. This training involved learning all techniques of vibrational therapy, and understanding sound in its intensity and depth to achieve an extraordinary level of relaxation.

Sports Massage Back in France

I learned how to practise sports massage with Stéphane Query. This massage therapist/reflexologist trained masseurs for professional cycling teams, dancers at international workshops in Châteauroux and Pontarlier, and the contemporary dance company Anne-Marie Clouet. Some of his students were hired by the Top 14 rugby team Montpellier, the All Blacks, and professional cycling teams. His reputation makes him the reference in Sports massage.

Lomi-Lomi Massage with Carole Berger

Carole is a specialist in Lomi-Lomi massage at the Mikki School in Paris. I learned this ancient Hawaiian massage technique, which is linked to the principles of ho-oponopono where everyone is responsible for their own life and is the creator of the events that happen to them. Lomi-Lomi is performed using the forearms and elbows and requires special technique.

Maya Abdominal Massage Back in Thailand

I returned to the Chiva Som Academy in Bangkok to learn the Maya abdominal massage, a combination of traditional Thai and Chinese massages. Its purpose is to release tension accumulated around the navel and abdominal area, providing detoxification on the large and small intestines without touching vital organs. This practice is less invasive than Chi Nei Tsang.

Experience the Ultimate Thai massage

At the International Massage School in Chiang Mai, I deepened my knowledge of traditional Thai massage through a training program  that included the use of elbows and knees in the technique. Through another training program, Lanna Thai stretching massage, I was tought the most advanced art of northern Thai massage with 65 poses providing powerful stretches.

Renata França with a Unique Method

I trained in the Renata França Method in Paris, after witnessing the spectacular effects of this massage. Originating in Brazil, it’s no surprise that this Lymphatic Massage technique has become well-known, especially in France.

I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend an intensive training session in Sao Paulo, Brazil, led by renowned massage therapist Renata França herself. During the course, I was able to learn about her innovative techniques for Lymphatic Drainage, the Miracle Face massage, and her Sculpting massages.

These powerful methods have gained international recognition and acclaim for their amazing effects on reshaping both the body and face.

The lymphatic drainage technique

Incredibly beneficial for boosting the immune system and overall health, this technique also effects the body and cellulite almost immediately. By activating blood and lymph circulation, which, as a reminder, flows in vessels to transport white blood cells and to drain toxins, lymphatic drainage boosts the body’s natural healing process.

Renata’s Miracle Face Massage

Combined with sculpting movements to relax facial muscles, reduce tension in the jawline and neck area, this massage provides a remarkable lifting effect. It is truly amazing how this simple yet effective method can transform one’s appearance.

The Sculpting Massage

This technique focuses on reshaping and contouring the body using targeted pressure and gentle strokes to redefine the body’s contours. When applied to the face, these techniques provide a tightening and toning effect that results in a more youthful and radiant look.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your beauty or improve your overall health, I highly recommend trying out Renata França’s revolutionary massage techniques! Its effects on the body and cellulite are almost immediate.

Andaman Institute of Massage (CA)

I am a Certified Massage Therapist certified by the California Massage Therapy Council (License Number 93495).

About me

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