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massage in la jolla

Experience a customized massage right in the comfort of your own home or hotel room in La Jolla. You can choose from a range of massages, such as Thai, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Abdominal Detox. I am certified in the renowned Renata França Method, including Lymphatic Drainage, Sculpting, and Miracle Face for a truly unique experience. So, if you’re looking for relaxation, pain relief, or body sculpting, I can help find the perfect massage for you. Schedule an appointment now in LA JOLLA for the ultimate rejuvenating experience.

Experience A Professional Massage in La Jolla by Yannick Paillet


I am a highly-trained French massage therapist offering luxurious and customized treatments that are dedicated to promoting relaxation, rejuvenation, and optimal health in La Jolla.

I am proud to have credentials from Watpo Thai Traditional Massage School, Shiva-Som Academy in Bangkok, and the Renata França Method in Brazil. I have vast experience providing top-notch services to clients at the most prestigious hotels on the French Riviera. My focus now is mainly on lymphatic drainage and body sculpting using noninvasive and nonsurgical therapies.

With my expertise, attention to detail, and individualized care approach, your experience will be truly unforgettable!

About Our La Jolla Location

La Jolla, meaning “the jewel” in Spanish, is a picturesque coastal community located in San Diego, California. It’s famous for its stunning beaches, La Jolla Cove, Seal Rock, rocky cliffs with Sunny Jim’s Sea Cave, Cuvier Park and luxurious resorts that attract the rich and famous. Amidst all these natural wonders, you can also indulge in an exceptional in-home massage experience with the certified French masseur Yannick Paillet.


My Massage Services in La Jolla

Swedish Massage

 I use specific techniques such as effleurage, kneading, friction, vibration, and stretching to improve well-being and enhance recovery from injury or illness. I strive to offer a personalized Swedish massage in la jolla that takes into account the individual’s needs and preferences

Deep Tissue massage

This  “Deep Tissue massage” works deeply to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue focused on breaking up fibrous knots within the tissue, promoting healing and improved mobility. By using several techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and active stretching, I will provide targeted relief to specific areas of pain and promote overall relaxation. My deep tissue massage in la jolla is tailored to best fit your individual needs–whether that means bringing relief from tight muscles or targeting chronic pain for continued well-being.

Sports Massage

My unique combination of knowledge and expertise makes my work invaluable to athletes, weekend warriors, and any other individual looking to improve their physical performance or overall well-being. Whether the goal is to relieve pain, reduce stress, or simply boost energy levels, I customize each session using deep tissue massage methods and effective muscle release techniques tailored to meet the needs of each client. Experience the benefits of sports massages in la jolla with me.

Lymphatic Drainage

I specialize in providing brazilian lymphatic drainage massage in la jolla. My non-relaxing, manual energetic, and firm techniques help reduce edemas and activate blood flows. This type of massage can help you achieve visibly reduced swelling, improved cellulite appearance, better contour, and a general feeling of well-being. Contact me today to get started on your journey!

Sculpting Contouring

If you’re looking for an invigorating massage experience that can sculpt and contour your body, Renata França’s manual vigorous massage is the perfect solution. Through a combination of expert techniques, including moving fat to the right places, Renata delivers a sculpting contouring massage with incredible results. You’ll gain a more contoured, curvy silhouette as well as improved tone and definition in the areas she works on. Get ready for an amazing makeover 

Miracle Face Massage

Through this amazing specialized technique, Renata França’s face massage helps drain swelling, accentuate the face’s natural shape, and promote natural skin revitalization—all without invasive methods or surgery! By using deep massage strokes to stimulate lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and oxygenation of the skin cells, Renata França harnesses gentle pressure points to help your face look as rejuvenated as ever. So why wait?

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art that combines gentle stretching, pressure point massage, and rhythmic compressions to relax the body, refresh the mind, and restore well-being. With my mobile massage service, I can come to you so you can enjoy the benefits of a traditional Thai massage in la jolla without having to leave your home.

Abdominal Detox

Enjoy deep relaxation with massages using Abdominal Massage, a non-invasive technique to flush and detoxify your system. Feel the effects of this gentle yet effective technique which focuses on pressing specific points of the body to activate the natural healing process. Allow yourself to be in your most relaxed state as you feel each of the pressure movements, helping improve your overall well-being.


french masseur - Yannick

If you’re looking for a more intense and therapeutic experience, Yannick Paillet’s training in Deep Tissue, Sports massage, and Swedish massage offer options for athletes and those with chronic pain and muscle tension.

In conclusion, La Jolla is the perfect setting to experience an exceptional and relaxing in-home massage with certified French masseur Yannick Paillet. Yannick’s specialized training in different massage techniques guarantees a personalized experience designed to meet your needs and preferences.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment today and let Yannick help you achieve balance, relaxation, and rejuvenation.