Hydrating Post Massage: Reasons To Do So

What is one of the best ways to pamper yourself and relax? Undoubtedly, massage holds a significant position in the list of top ways to relax and pamper yourself. But wait. What next? Whether you opt for a thirty-minute massage session or an hour-long one, you might have seen your therapist recommending you drink water after the massage. Do you know the reasons behind it? We are here to clear all your doubts regarding why it is important to drink water after a massage. Keep reading to find out more.

Helps in rehydration

The foremost reason to sip plenty of water after the massage is to make up for the loss of hydration. Let me explain that in more detail to you. As the therapist shows his/her finesse in working towards the knots of your muscles, the fluid gets out of your soft tissues. It makes its way via the circulatory system towards the kidneys. This is the reason you feel the need to urinate right after receiving the relaxing massage. It is important to replace the lost water. Thus, drink enough amount of water post-massage to rehydrate your body.

Assist bodily functions

There is no denying the fact that water plays a crucial role in regulating your body functions. Even if you are not getting any massage, you can’t turn a blind eye to the benefits of water. It not only regulates your body temperature and lubricates joints but also protects internal organs and moistens tissues. Furthermore, it helps dissolve the nutrients from food so that your body can absorb them easily. Now, you know why you should drink water after a massage.

Want to assist your body in the natural detoxification process? When you hydrate after massage, you are flushing out toxins in the most natural manner. How does this process work? When you receive a massage, there are a few substances that might clog your muscle tissue. Such substances go into the body’s circulation. Some of them might not be toxins. Your body reuses and absorbs such substances. But some, which are totally wasted, need to be pumped out of your body. Water helps in transporting these waste products out of your body to detoxify it in a natural manner.

Prevents excessive soreness

Do you feel a little sore after the massage? Well, you don’t need to worry as it is normal. And this is why you should drink water after a massage to say goodbye to excessive soreness. Still feeling super sluggish? Add an extra glass or two and make your muscles supple by getting rid of the stiffness.

Good for better overall health

You must be knowing that the human body loses water daily through bodily processes like urination, sweating, breathing, and bowel movement. When you sweat after a massage, it indicates that toxins are getting out of your body through sweat. That is why drinking water after massage (8 glasses per day as recommended by the experts) gives promising returns to your overall health.

Helps with the circulatory system

Water is a key determinant of maintaining a healthy circulatory system. It ensures that oxygen and other important nutrients reach the tissues successfully, including the ones where you have received the massage. So, let’s cheer with drinking water after a massage to support the circulatory system of our bodies.

Get the most out of your massage after your next session by hydrating yourself

Follow the advice of your therapist after a massage and get the maximum health benefits from it to bid adieu to your stress. Did we forget to mention drinking water post-massage? Well, you know the reasons; just consult with your masseur, and you are good to go.